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GBC Needs You!

Updated: May 2, 2023

Grace Bible Camp is in full swing preparing for summer camp 2023! The trees are sprouting new leaves, the grass is growing at a rapid pace, and the sounds of frogs singing, echo in the crisp spring evenings. Much like the change of seasons, the needs of the maintaining the property and grounds of Grace Bible Camp also change. In this current season of life here at camp we are seeking the help in a few areas. Kicking off our summer camp program is an immense task and expense. Most of our resources are strictly dedicated to ensuring our summer camp program can go off without a hitch and be the the very best possible for our campers and staff! With that being said, we go through this time when our staff and financial resources are fully focused on the upcoming summer and we find ourselves needing help. During this time we have been prayerful that the Lord will provide, as He has faithfully done so in the past. There are a few specific ways that we need you to help.

1. Trade Work

Recently the Directors home here on the property needed some major repairs. As mentioned before, our resources are low at this time as we prep for summer. We are in need of people that are skilled in various trades to help us complete the repairs. We would be incredibly grateful for the donation of time or financial gifts to help us. As of now the Director and his family are not living in the house and our goal is to have them back in the house as soon as possible for summer camp. If you are interested in donating your time and efforts to help us please contact us by email: or phone: (540) 997-9316. If you feel led to give a donation of any amount to help with the cost of repairs you can do so through the donation tab on our site. We cannot thank you enough for any and all efforts to help! Your support is a blessing!

2. Send a Gift!

A fun way to help camp and get the whole family involved is to choose something from our Amazon Gift List ! Every year we go through A LOT of paper products and other supplies during the summer. This list has items that we are in need of and some that would just be amazing to upgrade/replace. When you order from our list on Amazon you will have the option to have it shipped directly to us. We would be incredibly grateful for any of the items!

3. Senior Counselor Boys (Ages 17-25)
Senior Counselor: Noah from summer 2022

This year we have found it especially challenging to find young men to work for our summer camp program. We are in need of guys ages 17-25 to help us fully staff summer camp 2023. If you know someone with the heart for the Lord and serving please send them our way! This job position is perfect for someone looking to work in ministry this summer. We provide housing, three meals a day, laundry cleaning and more, in addition to pay. We are accepting applications and scheduling interviews via Zoom. Please share this information in your churches, with your family and friends!

Chapel building

The greatest and most powerful way you can possibly help is to keep GBC in prayer! We ask that you join us in praying for Grace Bible Camp. Be in constant prayer over our summer staff, our campers, and speakers. Pray the Lord sends the workers needed to be fully staffed this summer. Above all else, pray that souls will come to find and secure Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

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